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Live Band or DJ – Hiring The Perfect Wedding Entertainment

Hiring Live Wedding Bands or a DJ for your wedding reception is quite often a high priority for a bride and groom. Creating a great party atmosphere for your guests will make sure that your big day is not forgotten for many years. When it comes to choosing your entertainment, whether it is a DJ or a Live Band, there are few important things to consider before you make your decision and so you should ask yourself and potential performers some key questions.


Do you require the entertainment to perform at the Ceremony, the reception, or maybe both?
Upon confirming this requirement, you need to look for talented performers who can ‘fit the bill’. Live entertainment acts such as The Swinging Bass are often able to adapt to your requirements; so our 3-piece band could perform during the wedding ceremony itself, providing the Bride’s entrance music for example, continue to provide background music throughout the wedding breakfast and then later on, after dinner has been served, the 5 or 6 piece ensemble could take to the stage in order provide the evening entertainment and to to get your guests dancing with some Jazz, Rock & Roll, Pop, or of course Swing music.
As one would expect each of these phases of the day’s entertainment will incur costs, so make sure you ask questions about the various pricing options available to you and your fiance.  Your entertainment will be often be a great investment and really help you and your guests enjoy the day.


Question the experience and talent of all potential Wedding Entertainers
Although not essential, it is often wise to select a DJ or band who have experience of performing at Weddings. Your Big Day is a once in a life time event – you want to get it right and for everything to be perfect. Making sure that your hired entertainment can adapt to the circumstances thrown up at a wedding reception, such as requests from guests, specific ‘First Dance’ requirements etc.


Obtain References To confirm the talent of the wedding performers
Ask to see evidence of some previous weddings or events that your potential bands have been involved with. Ask for the names of brides, so that you can contact them for testimonials, a reputable performer will not have a problem with this and be only too happy to help.


Consider Costs And Additional touches
There are lots of costs to consider when hiring your wedding entertainment, make sure you consider them all by going through the following checklist:

  1. Ask the potential bands or DJ’s to provide a breakdown of costs upfront
  2. Ask about the cost of over running the agreed time slot
  3. Ask about any additional features that may occur during the performance – e.g. you will want to know if the band plan on using fireworks during their set
  4. Find out who will supply the production equipment (sound, lighting, etc) – the performer or the venue?  Bands and seasoned wedding entertainment acts often have their own equipment but you should always check
  5. Will the band require dinner throughout the day – this might be required if they are playing at the ceremony and the reception

If you make sure you consider all of these points you should be able to relax and enjoy your big day, partying long into the night with your new bride/groom and your guests.  Just remember that a little thought and preparation in advance can create a very special event – a wedding for you and your guests to remember, a perfect time for all!