Wedding at Burrows Gardens, Derbyshire

The Swinging Bass Trio and Band were invited to play at a wedding at Burrows Gardens, Derbyshire, in October 2011. The trio played quiet background music while the guests chatted and had dinner. Later the band came on and we played a mix of music.
Derbyshire wedding band play Burrows Gardens Brailsford live band Derbyshire

The band needed to be really well prepared because we were not sure how much swing and how much pop the guests would really want. We started off with a medley of You Make Me Feel So Young, Fly Me to the Moon, and Come Fly with Me as Michael Bublé would do them. As the evening developed we tried Lets Groove and Ladies Night. We had an excellent response to these and so moved in that direction.

A thank you card:-
 “The drinks reception was fantastic with the trio pitching it just right … so the guests could talk”

“Then the band got us all going and we were thrilled to see so many of our guests on the dance floor (many of whom we have never seen dancing before!)”