5 Tips To Help Select Your Live Wedding Band

In an ideal world a girl only walks down the aisle once, so making it as perfect as possible is so important. One aspect of making your day so special is choosing the right musical accompaniment.

Here I would like to offer 5 top tips to help you Waltz, Swing, Rock or Jive down the aisle with style and grace and throughout the rest of your big day.

1. Consider your Theme or Style of Music
The brides entrance at the church or wedding venue will be the grand opening for the occasion – it can set the mood for the day. Consider how you want the day to feel; maybe you’d like a sophisticated, elegant ambiance, if so classical music is the obvious choice, or if the occasion is more informal & relaxed, maybe you’d prefer a funky entrance with a jazz or swing band playing. Or if your style is ‘party party party’, you want to kick off the party atmosphere from the word go by playing a pop or rock anthem.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is your own choice, it is after all your big day.

2. Prepare Well
Confirm with the wedding venue and/or church that your chosen live wedding band can be accommodated. If you are having live music as you walk down the aisle, ensure there is adequate room for them and their instruments and that they have access to all that they need, such as power, lighting etc.

If you plan to rock on into the early hours you and your wedding band will need to think about a playlist that will fill the dance floor without repetition. So take some ideas with you when you meet the band and discuss, in detail how long they will play and the music that they will be able to perform.
And remember, the musicians will probably not perform for hours on end and may need one or more breaks during their set – make sure that you have considered what will entertain your guests during these periods.

3. Consider Your Schedule
When considering your play list be realistic about the length of time that each track lasts and allow for extra time between songs as well as any unplanned additions to the bands set list, maybe due to requests etc. If your musicians are playing for a certain length of time there maybe songs on the play list that get dropped because they run out of time, so if you have a particular faourite track or tracks it is important to highlight them when you discuss the performance with the band – that way they can make sure that it is not your all time favourite that gets dropped.

4. Organisation & Delegation
It is likely that you will be busy on the big day, so it is a good idea to ask one of the ushers, or maybe The Best Man, to take responsibility for communications between you, the professional musicians and the venue staff. Tasks such as giving the nod for when to dim the lights & start the music etc will ensure that thinks run like clockwork.

5. Communicate Well
Talk with the professional musicians several times before the big day. Re-confirm the date, time and length of their performance and check all of the details with the church or wedding venue.

It is always worth ask the live wedding band for their opinions, they will have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Picking the right band in the first place, will certainly make your task easier as they should be able to cope with all of your requirements and be able to adapt on the day if events take any unexpected turns.